Many years ago when our economy took a nose dive, I was able to buy a lot of my trees for unbelievable prices from companies that were going out of business or had to get rid of stock. When you enter our yard, you’re looking at one of our biggest trees – I would never be able to afford that tree again and I cherish this tree and wish it would live forever.

dead Christmas lights

used Christmas lights

After the Christmas holidays of 2014, we unfortunately had to retire 5 of our Christmas trees. They lived a good life and brought a lot of joy to everyone, but the winter weather just destroys them. I have a couple of favorite trees and the day after this Thanksgiving 2015, I had to take down our second largest tree – I was hoping to extend it’s life for one more season, but very sadly I had to retire my San Francisco tree. There’s a story as to why I call it that. With a forest of trees lit up, it’s not only the electric bill that is expensive, but every year I can fill a trash can with dead Christmas lights and replacing them has been costly.

Replacing the trees is expensive, especially when they’re twelve to eighteen foot trees. In the past we’ve been covering the expenses, but now it’s reached a point where it’s no longer possible for us to do it. I live on a pension and it’s because of this that I’m able to do our Christmas display. There’s 2 months setup, another month of takedown and this year 2015, I’ve spent the year doing upgrades and maintenance.

I do spend weeks on end continually looking for closeout deals on artificial trees and most times they pop up in the most unlikely places: Pennsylvania – Tennessee! I’ve surfed my whole life, so I have a hard time comprehending that there are companies selling Christmas trees in places like Tennessee.

To maintain our Christmas display, we have started to accept donations. For those of you that would like to support what we’re doing, we have a donation box. I would like to get a donation button on here, but I’m going to have to find someone to do it for me.