hours & location

Scrooge and Farley

Where:  Our address is 108 Seaview Ave, Santa Cruz, Ca.  We are in the Seabright neighborhood, one block in from the pathway on East Cliff that goes down to the train trestle that crosses the river to the Boardwalk.

When:  Thanksgiving weekend thru New Years Eve.


Friday December 8th: we will be closed – It’s a night for my family.

Saturday December 9th:  5:45 – 9.

Sunday December 10th:  5:45 – 8:30

Because we are located in a very tight neighborhood with houses and bedrooms up against the sidewalks, we close early. The nights just before Christmas we will stay open until 9:30. Week nights until 8pm, and weekends (Friday – Saturday) until 9pm.

If it’s pouring rain, I’m not open for viewing and I do not turn on the lights. It’s unfortunate, but we learned that we have to have security in the yard at all times, and when it rains, I got tired of getting soaked – it’s cold and it’s winter. A very light sprinkle – maybe.

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